Monday, January 13, 2014

Sakura Trick

I saw a post on the other day about the excessive yuri in Sakura Trick. It was a good post detailing that an anime like Sakura Trick doesn't necessarily have male only viewership, and that the show isn't necessarily objectifying women. On both points I would agree. On the first point I would say that funny is funny regardless of genre. Of course, I also agree doesn't necessarily objectify women, but that doesn't mean a lot coming from a man.

That said, it very well could objectify women and I could just be blind as a bat. Then again, one could argue that anime, as a medium, objectifies women on a broad scale. How are we all supposed to react when Tanabe, from Planetes, is constantly worried about and pressured into finding a boyfriend to take care of her. Is that something an anime should preach (I realize she comes into her own later in the series, so save those arguments)? Or what about the disgusting objectification of classic Evangelion characters like Rei and Asuka. Is that OK because the series is a classic and not a part of a niche genre? Does Code Geass have some sort of carte blanche to put any and every girl in a revealing costume because its Code Geass?

I guess all I'm saying is that objectifying women, whether that is what we are doing or not, isn't necessarily restricted to the yuri genre. I mean I didn't even think it was an issue until a few people online brought it up as an issue because it has become so common in anime.


Let's think about this for a second. What would someone not familiar with are little insular community think? God, let's hope this never airs on American websites or airwaves, less Michele Bachmann try and ruin the good thing we all have.

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