Thursday, January 9, 2014

Samurai Flamenco Episode 12 "Document! These are The Flamengers!" Preview Images and Synopsis

The mighty new Samurai Base has been revealed! A new super team has stepped forward to defend humanity from the evils of "From Beyond!" They are The Flamengers! Except this super team has quirky conflicting personalities, so they have no teamwork as their sometimes less than heroic principles come together. Every day is another struggle against more of From Beyond's Mysterious Beings, and Matsuyoshi is questioning himself as the Flamenger's leader.

All right, show. You want to be Super Choudenji Sentai: Combattler Ranger, that's your business. I'm just along to see how you attempt to tie all the shows elements together and whether or not it'll work on any level. Also, in the course of writing this, I just noticed that all the Flamengers are color coded by named. Blue is Soichi AOshima, Green is Hekiru MIDORIkawa, Black is Anji KUROki, and Pink is SAKURA MOMOi. Well, "Sakura" and "Momo" aren't really colors, but the theme is still present.

It's in your hands, crew. Screenwriter is Takahiro coming back from episode 8. Storyboarder is , a guy with quite the pedigree having been a storyboarder for Planetes, FMA: Brotherhood, Now and Then, Here and There, and a key animator on the BAOH OVA. Director is from less of one, . The only thing I'm familiar with from his work list is an episode of Rock Lee Gaiden. Once again, though, we're working with a whopping 5 animation directors. Three are returners: Shunryou Yamamura, Kumiko Takayanagi, and Masashiro Yamanaka. Then the two new guys: , AD on Magi, key on FMA: Brotherhood and Squid Girl Season 2, and , key on Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture. Bringing the A game to this episode.

(Images from . (c) Aniplex, Manglobe, Fuji TV, and Project Samumenco.)
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